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Veterinary inspection and control

Control body BIOINSTITUT Ltd. entitled "Department of veterinary inspection and control" is the first accredited veterinary organization in the Republic of Croatia.
Accredited in 2008. year by the Croatian Accreditation Agency in accordance with the standard EN ISO / IEC 17020, General requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection.
Accreditation for the "veterinary inspection and control" control body confirmed to be professionally and technically qualified to operate in accordance with internationally accepted rules.
Control body performs:

  • audit functions and control and good hygiene practice based on the principles of HACCP
  • tasks in inspection operations
  • collecting data on the food chain
  • ante-mortem inspection
  • control procedures in accordance with the regulations of the Animal Welfare
  • post mortem examination
  • controls handling of specified risk material and other animal by-products not intended for human consumption
  • sampling for laboratory testing
  • sampling for the monitoring of
  • certification

Control body authorized veterinarians systematic monitoring of laws, regulations, orders, guidelines, constant training, and respecting the impartiality, confidentiality and the confidentiality guarantee successful veterinary checks and controls in order to safeguard public health.