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The DDD services include disinfections, desinsection and deratization services in public health, communal services and veterinary services.



Services of disinfection of all kinds of areas, equipment and utensils with a wide selection of the newest generation of disinfectants, completely biologically decomposable and eco-friendly. Disinfection can be performed as preventive, ongoing or complete.

Disinfection is done using equipment for hot and cold fogging, especially when disinfecting poultry raising facilities.

Before disinfecting an area undergoes cleaning as a precondition to a successful disinfection.


Deratization is done using toxic and non-toxic methods.

Toxic methods include using anticoagulation preparations of the second generation, in form of mouse bait and rat pellets, and in high humidity environments (sewers) paraffin blocks.

Non-toxic methods include, in our case, using of glue traps, with components preventing drying out, suitable for mice and rats, and whose expiry limit extends up to a year protected in a plastic or cart box tunnel.

Toxic bait is laid down in protected deratization boxes, which can be cart box, plastic or metal, depending on the place of use.



In the first phase we detect the type of pest, and secondly its quantity.

In monitoring we use capturing devices and pheromone traps specialized for individual type of pests.

Desinsection is done by combining chemical, mechanical and physical methods.

Chemical methods include: spraying preparations with either instant or extended effect, area fogging, setting down of desinsection powders, applying of insecticide varnish (suitable for wooden furniture), applying of insecticide gel in cracks (suitable for moist areas – kitchen, sanitary objects). All preparations used in desinsection are specialized according to the type of pest and eco-friendly, which, along with the use of mechanical and physical methods, contributes to effective removal of insects from the environment.